Saturday, May 25, 2019

Masonic International Order of Twelve

This little business card is one of the pieces of ephemera that I picked up years ago and it has been sort of wedged in my mind..I have always intended to give it to Joan Barker at THS as I feel the THS collection is probably the highest and best use, but I haven't, I have studied groups at the turn of the century for years, or that is my excuse. Today, I ran into my hero, Nick Chiles attending an International Order of 12 meeting in Ft. Scott (this is in 1904) and this little card popped into my mind. After getting way sidetracked from my original purpose, I discovered the Order of 12 was a force in Topeka from before the Plaindealer began in 1899. It was an order of black Masons, it met at the Shiloh Baptist Church for at least part of it's existence and it had books printed (I would love to come across one of them if anyone does let me know). And yes, it had a junior club that was at THS and this a membership to that club. I am putting this away for today, but sorry, Joan Barker, I am going to hang on to the card until I learn the rest of the story, then it can reside at THS.

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