Friday, September 25, 2020


 Points of Interest form The Second Coming of the KKK  by Linda Gordon


1915 Release of Birth of a  Nation

        Lynching of Leo Frank, Jewish, Atlanta businessman

        Dr. William Joseph Simmons begins a KKK

1920s Henry Ford publishes "Protocols of the Elder Zion" and the "International Jew:  The World's   Problem"  

        Dr. Simmons hires the Southern Publicity Association--Elizabeth Taylor and Edward Young to promote the KKK.

        KKK diversifies, racial purity (includes ethnic groups and Catholics) combined with evangelical Christian morality promoted as saving the country.

1921--KKK leaders Hiram Evans and David Stephenson buy out Dr. Simmons for $140,000

        Dr. Simmons begins the Knights of the Flaming Sword and later the White Band. Dies in 1945.

        Congressional hearings conducted by the House Committee on Rules

1922--Hiram Evans becomes the Imperial Wizard

           Fires Clark and Tyler

           Begins publishing the Fellowship Forum

           KKK becomes a political party and politics are it's top priority

           Recruiters put on salary instead of commission



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