Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Kiene and Bartlett

 Going down a new wormhole I suspect but we'll see.  This is much different than anything I have done before, Kiene and Bartlett were an architecture firm in Topeka from the 1960s through the 90s. For me this is very recent, but there is value in doing recent. 

Kiene and Bartlett builds:

Public Buildings: 

Kansas Judicial Center

Jefferson County Courthouse, Oskaloosa

Coffey County Courthouse, Burlingame  

Goddard School

KU's Adams Alumni Center 

KU Religious Studies Center

Capital Federals

Payless Shoes headquarters


415 Danbury Lane

2824 MacVicar

2035 Birchwood Lane 

6800 Aylesbury Lane

1510 Lakeside Drive 



Howard Nearing out of Kansas City is another architect of note in the Knollwood neighborhood


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