Monday, November 29, 2021

Grace Beatrice MichaelsonKeiser (1886-1956)

Grace was a chiropractor who practiced in Topeka, Kansas. I am not sure of the dates but during the 1920's (according to an ad in the TSJ) her office was at 1412 W 8th and her office was at 628 1/2 Kansas was listed as her school. I am not sure what this means. My guess is that her office was in the front part of her house hich has been razed for the construction of Stormont Vail's complex. In part this would make sense as it would have been in easy walking distance to Vail Hospital, and many "hospitals" and Dr.'s offices were in their houses (another wormhole, I have found at least 3 of these in Topeka, they had one-six beds, examination room and lobby). As to her school, I will have to do some checking but it is likely that that she was teaching others to be chiropractors. She would have come somewhat later than Dr. Eva Harding, but they likely would have known each other. Her huaband, her husband was chairman of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen for the Santa Fe Railway. He was a printer there and played clarinet in Marshall's band. At some point they moved to California, but they are buried in the Topeka Cemetery so obviously there were strong ties here.

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