Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Household Magazine

Household Magazine was published by Arthur Capper beginning in the 1920s for the subscription price of 25cents/a year. Household Magazine had a test house for new household products was at 6th and Franklin. The girls taking Household Physics at Topeka High would take field trips there. According to Wiki--The Household Searchlight Recipe Book, was one of the United States' most-published cookbooks. It was in print almost continuously from 1931 until 1954 and sold more than 1 million copies. It was published by Capper Publications of Topeka, Kansas, and reprinted five times between 1977 and 1991 by Stauffer Publications. I believe this to be true. I also believe that this is where Clementine Paddleford, arguably America's first food writer, got her start. I have sort of thought that the Harvey House test kitchen might have been here as well, but the Harvey Houses are much earlier than this, so if it was the test kitchen was someplace else first.

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