Saturday, March 23, 2019

Good stuff to know

Any number of reasons —- in Shawnee County pre-1964 the courthouse was not air-conditioned, so the practice was to not try cases in the summer months and consequently many lawyers took off on vacation during that time —- other reasons could be the unavailability of witnesses; some judges move faster than others; not enough judges; fugitive defendants; complex issues take pre-trial time to resolve; defense counsel prolonging to generate larger fees (they will never admit that); illness; when the economy was primarily agriculture cases were slowed many times due to planting/harvest times (big problem that created was the unavailability of jurors);etc This has nothing to do with your study, but something which disgusts me is that the Topeka/County population has basically remained the same, since 1964, yet then we had four district judges whereas we now have twenty and we have more than doubled TPD and the Sheriff’s office while maintaining that crime has not increased!!! Oh, also we have more than doubled our lawyer population which supports my old professor’s statement that a community which can support one lawyer can support two as someone needs to defend as well.

 South Carolina didn't keep Vital records prior to 1915, 1911 for marriages.(deaths, births).

The State of Kansas started keeping official records of births and deaths on July 1, 1911. Marriage licenses were required beginning in 1867, but they were not filed at the state level until May 1, 1913.

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