Saturday, March 2, 2019

I finally found a map which shows Mudtown, it is in the appendix' of Cox's Blacks in Topeka. South Topeka "Mudtown", became part of the 5th ward after 1881. This is a very small map but roughly Mudtown appears to be from Adams to VanBuren streets, and from Huntoon to parts unknown/undeveloped to the south, this area included the fair grounds and possibly Camp Leedy. It was primarily a black area and the site of Lane's Chapel (14th and Harrison). The 5th ward was predominantly Republican at the turn of the century and very politically active.This is where Chiles got his start in politics in 1888. 

 I have attached a link from KSHS with more information....

I also recently found an article with Black Settlements in KS in the late 1800's...most of this is consistent with other research I have done.  So, I am closing up the holes.  I need to draw a map, a map with transparencies for the different years would be great.

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