Saturday, November 16, 2019

Helen Crow on house traps

Many older homes in Topeka still have "house traps".  They are in the backyard, maybe 10'-30' from your house.

It's like the traps under your sinks, etc., only bigger and serving the whole sewer line leaving your house, not just an individual plumbing fixture.

Do you have a basement floor drain?  It would be deeper than that in your sewer line.  My favorite sewer camera inspection ($150)/sewer repair expert is Shon Moore, cell phone: 608-9652.  My favorite drain and sewer cleaning ($100) expert is Gary Brown 887-8000.  Either of them can tell you what you have and advise you on decisions about whatever you might have or need.  

After 4 drought years and now a wet year, sewers all over town have moved and broken.  An inspection is a bargain compared to the mess a bad sewer can make for you.  

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