Thursday, February 7, 2019

Ella Buckner and Smoky Row

April 14th 1901, Topeka Daily Capital

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More from Eric McHenry, " Looks like she was released in 1911 and went back to bootlegging -- still getting arrested as late as 1918. She was in the paper *a lot* when she wasn't locked up. A true Topeka character."

 Lisa Sandmeyer, of the Topeka Cemetery added this information. Her father was a jointist who hid his beer keg below the floor. The police had trouble finding it because he put sawdust on the floor, and it covered the outlines of the trap door. Apparently sawdust on the barroom floor was uncommon in 1901. We are curious as to what constituted "highway robbery" at the time.

FYI, the Buckner family was a prominent African American family in Topeka, they lived on Topeka Blvd and are buried in the Topeka Cemetery.  

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