Thursday, February 7, 2019

Ella Buckner, the Queen of Smoky Row


KSP prisoner 139


KSP prisoner 139


KSP mugshots


#139- Ella Buckner from Shawnee County. Sentenced to the Kansas State Penitentiary on 03-28-1902 for Robbery 1.

Ella Buckner, formerly known as the "Queen of Smoky Row" (Smoky row was a slum in Topeka) appears regularly in Topeka area newspapers around the turn of the century. Below is an excerpt from the Topeka Daily Capital on Saturday Nov. 23, 1901 regarding this particular case.


Ex-Queen of Smoky row Appeals Eleven Year Sentence to Supreme Court. Ella Buckner, the negro woman convicted in the district court of highway robbery and sentenced to eleven years in the state penitentiary, has appealed her case to the Supreme court. Yesterday a stay of execution was granted and the Buckner woman’s bond was placed at $1,500. As yet she has not been able to furnish bond and it may be that she will have to stay in jail during the time her case is before the Supreme court.


March 1902


Glass plate negative

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