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Nick Chiles family tree

  1910 census:  at 914 Buchanan:

Nicolas Chiles 45
Minnie Chiles 40
Synthi Smith was Chiles’ mother in law 67
Willi Smith (Willa, sister to Minnie) 32
Lucille Jordan (sister to Minnie)  30
Arnicolas (daughter)  24
Thelma (daughter)   9

1920 census:

Nick Chiles 60 (he aged rapidly??)
Arnicolas Wiliams  35
George Williams 34
Thelma Chiles  19

From Minnie's Obit. January 9th, 1917

Willa L Smith and Lucy Jordan (Colorado Springs) were Minnie Chiles' sisters
Praleau Smith in Mexico serving in the US Army was her brother
George K Williams was Minnie Chiles' son in law--he was employed at Quindaro

From Winnie (Chiles') Patterson obituary: 24 Feb. 1911

Winnie Chiles Patterson was Nick's mother, she is buried in Mt. Auburn, born in 1847
Mrs. Anna Noble was his sister
She had four brothers, one sister, three grandchildren (all unnamed) and other numerous relatives. 

From Nick Chiles obit, October 26, 1929 Plaindealer

Married to"
   Minnie Elizabeth Smith (1867-1917)
   Henrietta Harper Chiles
   Moses Chiles of Anderson, South Carolina
   Arnicolas Chiles Williams (1884-1923)
  Thelma Ida May Mercer Chiles Taylor (1900-1984)
  Nicolas Chiles Taylor (Leavenworth)
  Nick Wright, Topeka

19 December 1902—Plaindealer
Uncle David Chiles, truck farmer in Oakland

13 April 1904, Topeka State Journal
J.W. Golden, brother-in-law of Nick Chiles, who is almost White

17 May 1901—Topeka State Journal
 Anderson Chiles, an Uncle of Nick Chiles, died at his home at 1040 Washington Street this morning the age of 80 years.  The funeral will be Saturday at 2 o’clock at the Washington street A.M.E. church. 

Mrs. Chiles (generally referenced in the Plaindealer as Winnie Patterson--Chiles left South Carolina in 1878 when he was 12...the June 11, 1926 Greenwood SC Index-Journal p.8...Nick Chiles was born near Bradley SC and with his mother went to Abbeville where the boy worked in the hotel operated by JA Wier shining shoes and doing odd jobs.  When Mr. Wier moved to Greenville where he ran a board house Nick went along too, in Greenville Nick added the selling of newspapers to his sideline and was said to save every penny.  Mr. Wier recalls that Nick had very few educational advantages but was not surprised that he succeeded as a businessman because he was "a sharp boy and very industrious." 

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