Sunday, September 16, 2018

In the Chiles' plot at Mt. Auburn Cemetery

I don't know who this is. Maybe a brother to Nick Chiles' father--according to the obituary that ran in the Plaindealer for Chiles--his parents were Moses and Winnie Chiles.  Also, according to the obituary Chiles was born in South Carolina in the 1860s. So, I am not sure who this is, but it is someone who would be contemporary to Chiles' parents, so I am guessing an Aunt and Uncle although there may be no family connection.  More research.....

Carrie and Foster Chiles--from the dates they appear like they may have been  a niece and nephew or cousins.
Also in the family plot, Frank Chiles

.Noah Chiles--he appears to have been in the military--he will be easier to research.

Sorry this is upside down, Harry Earl Chiles--luckily he was in the military.  I should be able to find him at KSHS.

Beatrice Chiles Williams 

Mary and Rev. IB Chiles

Samuel and Remus Chiles

I don't know why this one is on it's side..Ulysess Chiles

And where Nick and Minnie are there is no gravestone.  Getting them a gravestone is one of my objectives.  

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