Sunday, September 23, 2018


Not related to Chiles at all, but I found it while reading on Chiles.  I just found a piece about the "American Doctors" , ironic that they are located in the "European  Hotel", I know that later this would have been CF Menninger's office--not sure if he was part of this group although he was in Topeka practicing medicine at this time. I also think it is interesting that they are offering free medical services--this is the second group to do this and the other group was the "British" doctors--that is in a prior post.   According to Lloyd Z. there was a hotel the NW corner (6th and Jackson) before the train station--it was torn down early in the century--the train station is nice, but geeze we tear a lot down and it has not been beneficial. So many towns out there with much better houses/architecture which is sad because from reading Topeka had some of the finest buildings, now we don't. 

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