Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bill Eaglson, a home for the aged and Sumner City

Intriguing possibilities here.

William Eagleson guy, I look forward to hearing more about him in the Plaindealer.

Sumner City--that sounds an awful lot like the "Bottoms"area.  Was it?

A home for aged Negros, north of town, about 10 acres...sounds like where the North Community center is now and what in the 1920s was the poor farm. Poor farms often had lots of elderly.........

June 30, 1899 William Eagleson dies.  More attention should be paid to Mr. Eagleson, it is probably up to me to do it.  He would be a good history day topic of course most of this would be.  Reading the Plaindealer is a pleasure, it is well written and thought provoking, I have to wonder why no one else is doing this, or maybe they are?  Well, here is more of the story on Mr. Eagleson .

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