Monday, August 6, 2018

Colored Conventions

Once again I am doing a project involved reading lots of newspapers.  In the course of doing this I am coming across lots of interesting things that are not relevant to my project (yes, a good number of these are wormholes) but may be useful to others projects so I am clipping them and sending them on.  One of the things I am looking for is conventions.  The University of Delaware has a project (that was brought to my attention by Kerry Wynn from Washburn) where they are creating a database of all the Colored Conventions, so whenever I read about one, I send it on to them.  Here is a link to their site and here is a link to the Colored Convention that I found,   If you notice there is also a story about libraries!  Yep, libraries were a big thing. 

Also, another sidebar, there was at least one other Colored Convention in Kansas, in 1863 in Leavenworth.  I don't have the particulars yet, but I am working on it.  When I find it, I will submit it too.  

Sorry, there are no great pictures today.  If I find some regarding this I will add them later. 

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